“How to Win on TikTok today”

“Raise The Bar Of Your TikTok Strategy”

Pollyanna Ward, Strategy Director, Flight Story
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“This is your sign to… flex your brand on TikTok”

Nikos Xydas, Founder, Humble Digital Agency
Marianna Thomadaki, Account Planning Director, Humble Digital Agency
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“The Audience on TikTok and How to Win Them Over”

Vic Banham, Director, Antler Social | Content Creator On TikTok With 1.2M Followers
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“Embrace the hate comments! – Why most Brands struggle to make videos go viral”

Katerina Trigoni, Chief Virality Officer, Contentum
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“How to hook your audience in the first 3″

Dimitris Vlamis, TikTok Instructor, Knowcrunch | Co-Founder, Blue Rocket
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“Write Better Briefs: Developing your creative strategy to win on TikTok”

Tom Sweeney, Head Of Creative Strategy, Fanbytes
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“MasterChef: Cooking for 1,6M people”

Izabella Kefala, Account Manager, ADVENGERS
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“The Sweet Spot: Balancing Performance, Creativity and Storytelling on TikTok”

Nick Broumas, Chief Creative Strategist, Relevance Digital Agency
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“Catch Flights, Not Feelings”

Michael Corcoran, Head Of Social Media & Creative Content, Ryanair
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“Thriving within the Influencer Space”

James Rogers, Senior Account Director, SEEN Connects
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“Cultivating Community for Business Growth on TikTok”

Shannon Watkin, Senior Partnerships Director, EMEA Whalar
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“Tech �dd1d Creativity: 7 game-changers you didn’t know about TikTok & working with Creators”

Marina Mansour, Vice President – Beauty & Wellness, Kyra
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