Presentations 2016

“Tracking your social footprint”- Making the best of data & insights to improve your Social Media strategy”

Astrid Kowalczyk – Senior Digital Strategist, DDB Stockholm

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“Something Big is Happening With Snapchat”

Daniel Spicer – Social Business Strategist & Community Development Consultant

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“Make The Social Media Content Worth”

Πέτρος Γαρδικλής – Head of Digital Marketing & Ιφιγένεια Δημητριάδου – Digital Marketing Team Leader, Generation Y – International Interactive Agency

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“Developments in social photography and what it means for your brand”

Dirk Singer – Founder, Rabbit

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“From Social to Sales – How brands can improve conversion through Visual Earned Content”

Jose Cabo – Co-Founder, Olapic

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